Emma’s harvest comes to an end

Guest correspondent Emma Misener checks in for the final time with the All Aboard community. All Aboard would like to take this opportunity to thank Emma for her harvest contributions and helping to make the 2010 harvest a success — thank you Emma and the Misener crew for letting us all follow along this summer.

We have been traveling so much that I’ve been without internet, and much of that time out of cell range. I’ll try to catch everyone up on the past two weeks.

We arrived in Gregory, S.D., and planned to stay a couple of days before heading to Oklahoma to pick up some tractors — obviously that hasn’t happened.  We ran into some wet fields and dewy mornings so we got some later starts. Overall the Gregory harvest went well with 55 to 60 bushels per acre yields, averaging 61 pound test weight, and 11-percent moisture.

Our friend Brad came to visit for a week from Illinois to help out. We finished up on Aug. 4 and headed to Watertown, S.D., taking a combine, tractor, grain trailer and another visitor — Keva. We got back to Gregory with a few extra folks, too. My sister Marie and husband Eric’s kids, Zachary, Spencer, and Will came along for a couple weeks before they have to start school.

We headed for Oklahoma the next day with a couple antique tractors, a sickle mower we found, and some miscellaneous John Deere items loaded on a semi. We arrived back in Elk City, Okla., and made sure the tractors were ready to be displayed at the John Deere Fall Festival in Waterloo, Iowa Sept 9-11.

We were back at it by Aug. 9. Our first day cutting near Watertown we ran into heavy dew and that pushes our start time back. The next day, Mom’s birthday, it rained — so we took mom out for breakfast, and lunch, and then had birthday cake. I think she appreciated the day off.

We had to say good bye to our fourth adopted member of the family. Josh had to return home to help his family on the farm. His grandparents and brother Tyler came to visit. He is truly missed around here already. With Josh gone it’s back to just the Misener crew for now. Verena’s parents will be visiting soon from Germany.

Our next move is north to Rolla, N.D. It’s our farthest northern stop where we’ll be harvesting wheat and Canola. We will take three combines and the rest of the equipment up soon.

This marks the end of our wheat harvest, but the beginning of our fall harvest. Thanks for following along this summer!

Be safe out there and God bless

Wheat harvest

Wheat harvest in Gregory, S.D.

State line

Right side pasture is South Dakota, left side pasture is Nebraska. Literally cutting right on the line.


Finished harvesting and washing up. Josh with the power washer and Brad with the brush.

Washing equipment

Washing combines and getting wet. Keva, Emma and Josh.


Loading tractors to go to Elk City, Okla.


Road trip to Oklahoma – Spencer, Will and Zachary.


Back from Elk City and loading up the tractor and cart to head to Watertown.


Josh chains up the load.


Dad flags the load.


Josh and dad make sure the combine is loaded straight for Dan.


Me flagging the tail end of the oversized load.

River crossing

Crossing the Missouri towards Platte in convoy. Mom flags way up in the front already across the bridge.


We ran into some water over the road, flooding was everywhere in the area.

Josh and Tyler
Josh (left) and Tyler (right). We’ll miss you!

For more information contact crew@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2010 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.


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