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Going home

We finished the 2010 harvest season with great success. We left on a cold and overcast day from South Dakota on November 27 for the last time this year, and it felt good. After a three-week stay in a hotel we were all ready to head south into that wonderful, warm sunshine we call home in beautiful Oklahoma. Dad, above all, was the most grateful.

We arrived back in Elk City on the November 28 and were greeted with the warmest night we’d had in a month. Our friends from the local John Deere dealership were one of the first ones we all went to visit. He let us borrow his own Gator to help us get dad around easier and he absolutely loved it. Once he was in, he didn’t want to get out. He rode for four or five hours in the 65-degree sunshine, it was such a great day.

The first week being back home usually is pretty quiet. We relax and recuperate from the long trip and that’s exactly what we did. Since dad’s accident in October we have spent an incredible amount of time together, laughing and just relaxing. It seems as though that time was a blessing in disguise.

On December 7, we took my daddy to the emergency room here in Elk City because he was complaining about one of his legs. After deliberation the doctors decided he had a blood clot and a few pieces of the clot had moved into his chest area. He was immediately admitted into the ICU. When he was transferred to the bed in the ICU the movement dislodged part of the clot, moving into his lungs. This caused him to lose consciousness and required CPR.  Everyone at the hospital did all they could for over 90 minutes – his heart just didn’t want to quit.

He fought hard, but daddy passed away.

December 11 was his funeral and he was buried in the Elk City Catholic Cemetery. I can’t believe how blessed we were to have such a wonderful man in our lives. I knew it before, but Saturday was a great reminder of just how wonderful my father really was. Numbers of people kept coming from all over the country. Montana, South Dakota, Michigan and Washington were some of the furthest. Most of the past hired workers we have had, as well as fellow custom harvesters attended.

He not only made an imprint in my life, his family’s lives, his friends’ lives, but I believe in everyone’s lives. I can only be thankful that I had the opportunity to publish the 2010 harvest season, and let all of you have the privilege to know this wonderful man.

He is my hero, inspiration, and a great blessing in my life, and I know I was only one of many.

Thank you to all who made it possible.

May Ron Misener’s (daddy’s) soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.

Be safe and God bless.  –Emma Misener of Misener Family Harvesters

A full obituary may be found online at www.martinfhok.com.

Emma's Fall Harvest 2010

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