All Aboard Harvest | Jada: Back at it again!
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Jada: Back at it again!

Last night we were able to get back in the field. There are more forecasts for rain so it is good we were able to cut. You know how they say everything is bigger in Texas…. Well, that is often the case when it rains here. I have never seen as large rain drops as I have here when it has rained. The wheat is yielding well. We have even seen some yields in the upper twenties to low 30’s. Our farmer uses a no till technique on his fields. He has also been experimenting with spraying techniques that have proved to be successful.

A truck returns to the field from the elevator.
A truck returns to the field from the elevator.

Two combines dump on the truck at once.
Two combines dump on the truck at once.

A lone combine gets full at the end of the field and prepares to dump.
A lone combine gets full at the end of the field and prepares to dump.

What I am digging today………Don Antonio’s.Don Antonios

A friend of mine recommended this restaurant in Olney, TX that sells homeade tortillas. They make a taco meal just that much better.

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