Jada: Wrapping things up in Olney

Our harvest in Olney, TX was complete last night. Today we are wrapping things up and getting loaded. It has been really windy to the point that it felt like we were experiencing what the dust bowl of the 1930’s must have felt like. Okay, I am exaggerating………but in my photos you will see dirt- not sky or fog- flying around. In addition to the wind, our farmer had a fire in one of his pastures. It took two days to put it out. I didn’t want to get in the way so I never did get to actually see the fire due to the dust flying. It’s a miracle they were able to control it despite the wind. Tonight, we will make plans for our annual Campbell Cookout. My favorite thing to do in Olney!

James attempts to walk the combine into a small gate.

One of the few things that isn’t huge in Texas-gates.

Combining one of our last fields.

The Olney Fire department responds to Mike’s pasture fire.

No, it’s not fog, it’s dust.

What I am digging today…… Olney’s Park.

Too many kids on the merry go round.

Kaidence chats while getting help with her shoe.

Kaidence gets help going down the slide.

Kaidence on bouncy frog.

While the park is not usually busy, yesterday we crashed a kindergarten party in the park. There were 40 kids the same age as Kaidence’s cousin, Brady, and Kaidence loved it. The park has so many things for kids of all ages to do. It is a great place to spend a slow afternoon or to get out of the camper. There is a club in town that has worked really hard to get it in the condition it is and I think they did a wonderful job.

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