Jenna: First trip south

Manley, Neb. – Each time Zeorian Harvesting moves down the road, two trips are needed. On the first trip go the combine and grain trailer pulled by the semi, and the header pulled by one of our pickups. Once that equipment is safe and secure at the future harvesting location, the drivers head back to the previous location in the semi and get ready to make the second trip with the rest of the equipment (and family).

Last week, Dad and I made the first trip to our first job of the summer in Arnett, Okla. It was about a 550-mile drive from our yard to the Arnett city limit sign. Google Maps just told me that it should’ve taken 8 hours and 48 minutes but Google Maps doesn’t know we were hauling a combine and header – into the wind. It took us more like 12 or 13 hours in total.

After arriving in Arnett, we met with the farmer who we’ll be working for and drove around to look at a couple of fields. I knew Oklahoma was dry this year but, holy smokes, it is dry. We are so thankful just to have wheat to cut.

When we got back from the fields, Dad and I unloaded, unhooked, moved, unhooked, unhooked and moved some more until the combine, header, trailers, dolly and pickup were parked and set. Then we grabbed a bite to eat, hopped in the semi and headed north.

Those couple of days were fairly exhausting but, man, it felt good to be on the road again. It was good for this soul of mine.

But not so good for my right arm, which got an awesome sunburn on the drive south. Now I have a farmer’s tan…on only my right arm. Neato.

Loaded up and ready to go.
Preparing to head south on trip number one.

Mom and Dad, windshield cover.
Mom and Dad figuring out how to put the old windshield cover on the new combine. Or, as I like to call it, “relationship building.”

Oversize load.
Mom and my older sister, Jamie, putting on the oversize load sign.

Mom helping Dad get hooked up to the grain trailer.

Leaving Manley.
Dad and I, about to head out of town.

Dad checking the map.
On the road. Refiguring our route to avoid construction.

Fuel in Russell, Kan.
Fueling-up in Russell, Kan.

Arrival in Arnett, Okla.
We made it! Hi, Arnett! Nice to meet you.

Cell phone photo: Okla. wheat
I didn’t have my camera with me when we checked fields – so my cell phone had to do.

Cell phone photo: Okla. wheat
The green in the wheat means we have a few days until it’s ready to cut.

Ready to go.
Unloaded and ready to go.

See, Dad?
See, Dad, who needs sons when you’ve got hard-working daughters?!

BRB, Arnett!
We’ll be back soon, Arnett!

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