Jada: Harvesting in Hazelton

Two days ago, we stopped cutting at 7 p.m. and were unable to cut yesterday. Since we are caught up with maintenance. We all went to the pool after testing the crop. The moisture seemed to be going up instead of down.

With the hot dry weather, the day break is all we needed. We are back in the field today. Here are some photos of the field we cut this morning by Hazelton, KS. The test weight was about 61 and the crop was yielding around 30 bu/ac.

Combine opening up terrace with grain cart in the background
A combine opening up terrace with the grain cart in the background

An oil pump and truck are backgrounds to this fields setting
An oil pump and truck are backgrounds to this fields setting.

Harvesting by Hazelton KS
Harvesting by Hazelton, KS.

What I am digging today…. or shall I say the guys are. Did I mention how this pool is irresistible. Especially in this heat! After a game of baseball, the guys decided Kaidence’s pool was looking pretty good.
Did I mention this pool is irresistible?
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