Emma: Enjoying a Day Off

It was a little damp near Andale, Kan., and surrounding areas this past weekend and it was obviously to wet to harvest. I’m glad there was rain on Saturday night, because that meant Sunday was a day for relaxation. The Miseners always try to take Sunday a little easier, but in this line of work that doesn’t always happen. We do make sure we always get to church and not start work before noon, but if something is threatening that crop – it comes first.

When a farmer’s livelihood is on the line and we’re holding the reins, we do our best to get the job done efficiently and well. When the storms threaten we need to be able to get the crop out before the storms hit. It really is amazing how much risk the farmers of America – and everywhere – have to take in order to make a living. It makes me respect them that much more. Remember to thank farmers for taking that risk to provide food for your table.

This past Sunday we headed to mass at a local church. Here are a few photos of the church we attended.


I always love going to mass in Andale. I think it’s a very beautiful church, and the people are always so nice. Fr. Eck is the priest here in Andale, and he is a gem. After mass, he came to visit with us and welcome us back to the area. It was nice to see him and he told us that as soon as he heard about my dad he offered a mass for him, and continues to remember us in prayers. It really touched our entire family and we say thank you, Fr. Eck.

(L to R) David, Erv, Mom, Verena holding Sara, Alexader in the front, little Elizabeth, Dan, me, Thad and Joel.

After mass, we headed to the little cafe on main street. Brunin’s Cafe is the best place to eat Sunday morning for breakfast-well really it’s the only place-but it is good. Very friendly people, and always happy to see us back.

Dan holding the door into Brunin’s Cafe.

We decided to spend the rest of the day at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita. Here’s a few pics from our day of fun and relaxation. Funny, we kind of left our zoo to spend the day at another zoo. I’m sure some of you can relate.


(L to R) David, Verena, Joel, Alexander, Dan, Thad and Erv. Feeding the fish and ducks.

We got to watch them wash the elephants. It was fun to watch them.

Here’s the roadrunner from the stalker factory. Every move I made, he thought he had to make. I’m not gonna lie, it kinda freaked me out. Ha!

Probably my favorite part of the zoo.

(L to R) Alexander and Sara in the stroller, Erv and little Elizabeth, Thad, Joel, Dan, Mom, Verena and David.

I had a great time! The Sedgwick County Zoo is a great zoo to visit!

Be safe and God bless!

Emma can be reached at emma@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2011 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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