Megan:Moving into Kansas

This past weekend, we loaded up all together and moved to Pratt, Kan. Along with about five other crews sitting in town, we are all waiting on green wheat to ripen up in the area. For the past few days we have been checking over all of the equipment and making some minor repairs as we have ran across them.

Jason and James have also been doing maintenance work on the semis and trailers. They now have them in peak condition to continue our season – hopefully with no problems from here on out! Dad, Brandon, and I have also been driving around the area looking at fields and trying to figure out what our new game plan is. After being in contact with our farmers from the Great Bend, Kan. area it sounds like things could be ready to cut there in the next few days so we might be heading that direction soon. I guess we will just have to wait and see where our next harvest adventure will commence.

Dad always says that harvest is a little bit about luck and sometimes it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. We are always thankful for those times that luck is on our side. Hopefully a little bit of that good fortune remains with us this summer!

James and Jason
James and Jason work on replacing a bad bearing in one of the combines as we wait for wheat to ripen up in Kan.

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