Jada:Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day. . . Here’s a little Father’s Day humor to “you” no matter what you’re called………. First they call you dada, then they call you daddy, then they call you dad, then they call you collect.

Kaidence and Leon on Fathers Day
Kaidence and her “Daddy” on Father’s Day. Leon’s lucky he’s still known as Daddy ; )

This day is an unforgettable one and a day that never seems to typically be celebrated at the same stop. We’ve celebrated as far down as Texas and far up as Colorado. What’s funny is this day helps mark where we were on our route each year. Last year we were in Kiowa, KS. The year we were in Texas, I made my dad brownies and bought Dairy Queen ice cream to go with it. You just remember weird tidbits like that.

Last night found us in the toronado shelter. One minute we were grilling out/ hanging out and then clouds quickly moved in and it was black out. Soon we saw a convoy of harvesters -sans equipment- heading out of the campground towards the toronado shelter. Convinced that wasn’t too bad of an idea, we too sought shelter in the Dighton Methodist Church. Some harvesters there were Hoerner Harvesting and Olsen Custom Farming.

There were several harvest kids at the tornado shelter and some parents had them busy playing Simon Says and Charades. Others were showing what they learned to do at school if a toronado came. The kids had a blast during this impromptu get together. Our time spent in the storm shelter proves how adaptable harvest kids are.

Weather has been crazy this year! We left rain/ hail in Pratt, skipped the hail in Scott City the previous night due to our change of minds in locations which found us smack dab in the center of a potential toronado. This reminds me of one year in Goodland, Kansas when I was a kid. For an entire week, we spent every night in a storm shelter.

The Dighton harvest has yet to get started. Yesterday, a drive to Garden City gave us a glimpse of some fields that still had green heads in them. Some harvesters plan to try the crop tomorrow but rains are being forecasted once again. Tonight we plan to celebrate Father’s Day by grilling out….. Hopefully we can finish without a trip to the toronado shelter! : )

Here are some sky views of the storm but I must say the pictures don’t do it justice.

Clouds moved in quickly.
Storm clouds moved in quickly.

This is our neighbors who have been camping here for a month. During a brief conversation about weather, they said their vehicle is hooked on to their camper to make it more stable because the area has received so much bad weather lately.

A view from outside our camper.
A view from outside our camper.

Another campground view of the low lying clouds.
Another campground view of the low lying clouds.

A quick photo while on the move to the toronado shelter.
A quick photo while on the move to the tornado shelter.

Clouds went from nearly nonexistent to black.
Clouds went from pretty fluffy white to black in what seemed a matter of minutes.

We had to spend some time in the Methodist Church toronado shelter
We had to spend some time in the Methodist Church tornado shelter.

What I am digging today…… Face time. It is an apple based program that allows you to video chat with your family. We got to speak to our entire family at home. They all said hello and gave us a tour of my parent’s newly finished river house. While we gave them a tour of the campground. It felt like we were all together. Dad said this was the best Father’s Day gift he could have ever received. I agree it was great to be somewhat together.

Jada can be reached at jada@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2011 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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