Jenna: Zeorian crew cutting in Kansas

Deerfield, Kan. – When I last posted, about 10 days ago, Zeorian Harvesting had just finished cutting in the Arnett, Okla./Canadian, Texas, area. Since then, the crew has migrated north to Deerfield, Kan. Deerfield is located on the western side of the state, about 20 miles west of Garden City.

We were ready to roll here at our second stop of the summer by late last week – unfortunately we were a little ahead of schedule, as the wheat was still a little green and the moisture too high. Then, on both Friday and Saturday nights, storms came through the area, delivering rain and the dreaded “h” word – hail. One of our fields did not fare too well but we are thankful it was not worse. There were reports of corn fields that were hit so badly you couldn’t even tell corn had once stood there.

On Father’s Day, we were still unable to cut, meaning we had a fairly relaxing day – which is usually not the case. We had supper with two of our favorite families, the Rathes and the Krumbachs, to celebrate the day. The Rathes (Mark Rathe was our hired man way back in the day and is now part of the New Holland Harvest Support team), are staying here in Deerfield while the harvest support trailer is stationed in Garden City, and our fellow custom harvesting friends, the Krumbachs, are currently working in Manter, Kan. (but also couldn’t cut that day).

We were able to get in the fields early this week but are still running into some green wheat, so we’re doing our best to work around that. The crop managed to survive a dry year and is faring pretty well. The test weight has been good, averaging 59-61 pounds. The dry land wheat we’ve cut has made about 40 bushels per acre, while the pivot we’re working on now is making anywhere from 30 to 60 bushels per acre. We’re expecting to see an average of about 35.

The forecast for the next few days shows hot and dry weather, so hopefully that will take care of the rest of the green wheat and we’ll be good to go.

Thanks to my younger sister, Taylor, for providing the photos below!

Storms near Deerfield, Kan.
Storms near Deerfield last weekend.

Father's Day supper.
Father’s Day feast with the Rathes and Krumbach crew.

Father's Day with friends.
Enjoying an evening with friends.

Tracy cutting in Deerfield, Kan.
Mom working on a field near Deerfield.

Deerfield, Kan.

Deerfield, Kan.

Deerfield, Kan.


Supper in the field.
Supper in the field with the Rathes. (Clockwise: Mark R., Taylor, Candi R., Brooklyn R., Jillian R., and Callie)

Rathes at supper with the Z's in Deerfield, Kan.
Packing up supper before the sun sets.

Kansas sunset.
Kansas sunset.

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