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Emma: Erv and Marty Takin’ Off

You might remember in my previous post, Marty came to visit us. He stayed for five days and helped us out tremendously. I always enjoy when Marty comes to visit. He has a wonderful work ethic and is willing to do any job thrown his way.

Marty adds so much to our group with his personality and he’ll be missed. I know it won’t be the last time we see him in the Misener household, and he’s always welcome.

(R to L) Marty with Jude, Dan, Kevin with Roch. Marty has worked with us for three years, and Kevin, Marty’s brother, came for a year prior to Marty. Kevin is now married to Mel and they have two children.

Our harvest crew is somewhat different than most crews. We get our hired help from college or high school students, or hire those that “run in the family.” Marty is a great example of that because his older brother Kevin started the tradition of going on harvest with us in 2004 – the same year Erv arrived for the first time. Since Kevin worked for us, Marty joined and now their younger brother Austin has been dying to come. He says he has “a year and a half until I get to come.”

Joel is also back for a second year, and his sister Olivia was here last year. Many siblings have come to enjoy this lifestyle and they’re always back for at least a visit. I guess you can see that when you harvest with the Misener crew you are in for life, and an adopted member of this family.

Erv has also headed back home to Michigan where his wife and family live. He’ll be missed, too. Erv is the life and soul of the party – he may be 65 years-old, but his definitely a child at heart. I will say I’ll miss his good attitude toward life, his willingness to any job big or small and his spunk every morning. This won’t be the last time we see Erv though, I’m sure of it. Every year he says he can’t come back, but always manages at visit for at least two weeks.

Here’s to you Erv – and I’m playing Bruce Springstein just for you!

Erv enjoying his time in the wheat fields. Miss ya Erv, until next time!

Be safe and God bless!

Emma can be reached at emma@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2011 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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