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Emma: America the Beautiful and Homeward Bound

Let me start off with a big Happy Birthday America! It’s Independence Day and on behalf of Misener Family Harvesters I say thank you soldiers – past and present for serving this country, standing up for what you believe in and being selfless in your service to keep this beautiful country free. We can’t forget to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice as well. Without those serving this country we would not be able to enjoy the luxuries we have, and the ones we sometimes take for granted.

My dad served in Vietnam, and my grandfather Dick Green served in Korea. My cousins Blade and Travis Schallenberger are currently serving in the United States Air Force. I’m proud to be the daughter, granddaughter and cousin of those who protect our freedoms. Keep flying those beautiful stars and stripes!

Last week Mom, Dan and I managed to move part of our convoy to Gregory, S.D.The rest of our crew went in the opposite direction – back south to Elk City, Okla., where our home is. Right now the Miseners have a little bit of down time as we wait for wheat to ripen in South Dakota. Fortunately for us we always have projects on the back burner to keep us busy. One of these projects is fixing up a John Deere all-crop head and cleaning up the shop. We’ll probably stay in Elk City for another four or five days before we head out again, of course that all depends on how much work gets done.

You may recall earlier this week I showed you the wheat around Gregory. I’m guessing we’re still a good two and a half to three weeks away from harvest. We’ll try to pick up some more work in between now and then, but it has been difficult to find – especially this year with the northern part of the country under water and other parts in extreme drought. All custom harvesters are in the same boat though, scraping up what little wheat there was in the south and picking up as much work as possible along the way. There just isn’t the acreage in the Dakotas this year.

We’ll just keep running on faith, and trust that the good Lord knows what He’s doing!

Thank a soldier this week. Be safe and God bless!

Emma can be reached at emma@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2o11 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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