All Aboard Harvest | Jada: Happy Birthday Kaidence!
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Jada: Happy Birthday Kaidence!

Today our daughter turns two- whether it’s the terrible two’s or the terrific two’s we have yet to find out!  After a long debate on what to give her for her birthday, we thought there couldn’t be a better gift for this young harvester than her own tractor! It comes with a trailer but we’ll keep it unattached until she knows better than to run into everything including “the guys”!  When in the field, we always say this word means wreck but in Kaidence’s case you often hear us yelling….REVERSE! REVERSE!! Or STOP!!!!!

Yesterday we had a cookout with “the guys” because we thought they might be able to cut today.  We finished cleaning up and got ready to settle in for the day then the tornado alarm went off in town. We could see the funnels forming to the south of our campground. It all happened so quick that everyone camping in our campground- including us- ran out of their campers in confusion. We got in our cars and our convoy rushed to the shelter once again. On our way, the rain dumped on us. So did pea sized hail for a short while. Enough rain fell so quickly that the roads in downtown Goodland started to flood. The tornado was called off just as we arrived to our destination.

I am still glad we celebrated as our field didn’t receive as much rain as in town. They are finally able to cut tonight! We are excited because our next stop is getting ready. Two days of rain has certainly put us behind schedule.

To celebrate her July 10 birthday, Kaidence and I went to the water park in Colby with Vicky, Cody, Nathan and Kaitlyn Hoerner of Hoerner Harvesting while Leon and the crew had to stay home. I am glad they got to cut as a result! Here are some pictures of our last two days of celebration.  Today was all about Kaidence so I am sorry I don’t have any pictures of machines today. Hopefully the toy tractor will make up for it?!

Kaidence assists Leon in putting together her birthday gift.
Kaidence assists Leon in putting together her birthday gift.

Kaidence on her birthday gift.
A future grain cart operator in the makes?! Kaidence on her birthday gift.

The guys humor me for Kaidences party
The guys humor me for Kaidences party and don all the party favors. Word search next?! Should’ve got a pinata!

The props make the party
The props make the party!

Johan grills us up a Birthday feast
Johan grills us up a Birthday feast!

Oak provides the party entertainment
Oak provides the party entertainment!

And some more entertainment from Oak
More Oak entertainment.

Leon gives Kaidence some bday balloons
Leon gives Kaidence some bday balloons.

Kaidence enjoys her bday balloons
Kaidence enjoys her bday balloons!

Kaidence poses by her melting birthday cake
Kaidence poses by her melting DQ birthday cake.

Kaidence opens her gift
Kaidence opens a little gift because the other was too big to wrap.

A birthday gift for  Kaidence
Getting a little assistance opening a gift.

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  • Charles M. Gore
    Posted at 21:22h, 10 July

    Looks like everyone had fun at the birthday party. Kaidence is not a bit spoiled.

    You had a good day with chef doing the grilling. You like to share recipes, so here is a quick one that our kids liked about 25 years ago.
    Spanish Rice casserole:
    This is stuffed Peppers made easy.

    Step 1: start 1 cup of rice with 2-1/2 cups of water (takes about 20 min to cook).

    Step 2. start 1 lb of extra lean ground beef to fry.

    Step 3: Wash and prep the vegetables. Slice 1 lb of mushrooms, dice 1 medium large onion and 1 large to extra large bell pepper.

    Step 4: Saute the vegetables. I like to do this in the micro wave. Put all of the vegetable in a large mixing bowl. Cook on high for 2 min, mix well, cook another 2 min.

    Step 5: Mix all of this in the mixing bowl with a jar of pasta sauce, the house brands in ST Louis are fine.

    Total prep and time 30-45 min.

    Enjoy – Makes about 6 servings.

    If you want it to be Cagun style add about a cup of diced Celery to the vegetables and spice it up with a hot sauce or Jalapeno Pepper and give it the French name,

  • Jada Bulgin
    Posted at 13:52h, 11 July

    Thanks for the recipe and comments!