Jada: Cutting in Kanarado once again!

I am afraid to say something to have the same effect as last time but……. I will type quietly even though I know it’s misting out so I can’t jinx us…… we cut today!!!

We didn’t get a full day in but progress is progress. Moisture is definitely an issue in Kanarado, Kansas. Yield is not. The field we were cutting was ranging from 70 to 90 bu/ ac. Protein is 12 and test weights are 58 to 60.

This morning while we were playing the waiting game, we received a visit from Rick and Jodi Sugden of Sugden Harvesting. They were heading to Colorado. We hope that we too will be heading to Limon soon. We also visited with Janelle and Shanee Popwell today. It’s always fun to have visits from fellow harvesters! Here are some photos of our day……

Rick Sugden and Leon visit
Rick Sugden and Leon chat for awhile.

A gift from honorary harvest Grandma Jodi Sugden.
Honorary Harvest Grandma Jodi stopped by bearing gifts. Fun Fact: Rick and Jodi have a “real” grand-daughter only two weeks older than Kaidence. Her name is Deliah.

Me behind the wheel...
Me beind the wheel for once….. I would have to say I am digging this too!

Face to face with the neighbors. See the difference in colors.
Here I come face to face with the neighbors…. See the difference in colors? The wheat that is. Well, I guess you can say the equipment too. Some Case IH combines taking advantage of their GPS/ Auto Steer too.

Bye Bye James leaving the field at dusk
Bye Bye James! Leaving the field at dusk….. Looks like his hopper’s getting full.

What I am digging today….. The kids of Peterson Farms and Paplow Harvestings ability to embrace the rain and enjoy it! Rain has been plentiful in Goodland- we have received around 6 inches in the past three days. This evening, the humidity was at 100%. Right now it is misting out and very foggy. I wish the rain would subside just long enough for us to get done with the Goodland harvest.

The children of Peterson farms and Popwell harvesting embrace the rain
Tailyn of Peterson Farms, Shanee of Poplow Harvesting and in the distance Cade of Poplow Harvesting.

Raindrops keep falling on our campground
The view outside my camper.

Jada can be reached at jada@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.


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