Megan: High hopes for the day

Before we head out to the field today I wanted to share some positive affirmations with everyone. My hope for the day is that our field is completely dry with no mud, the sample comes back at 13% moisture and our combines are kicking up wheat dust before noon. As much as I wish my optimistic thinking would make this come true, we all know that’s not how this business works. In fact, there is much about harvesting that is out of our power. Nonetheless, I’m persisting with my happy thoughts since that’s one thing I can control.

The fields did look much drier yesterday and if the humidity would burn off with some sunrays shining through the clouds, I think we would be in good shape. With any luck we will be back to working our 12 plus hour days. You know you’re a true harvester when you’re yearning for those long days where you come in from the field and you’re almost too exhausted to take a shower before you “hit the hay.” Let’s hope today is one of those days for us!

Blast to the Past – Today’s Flashback to 1982:

Kenworth & header 1982: This 1967 Kenworth is the first truck Dad owned. In this photo it is hauling one of the 24 foot headers.

Old combines loaded up 1982: Dad’s 1971 International truck with the two TR70 combines loaded up and ready to head south.

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