Jada: Goodbye Goodland. Hello Limon!

Yesterday, Hoffman Harvesting packed up a portion of our crew and headed to Limon, Colorado. We didn’t just say goodbye to Goodland and Kansas, we also said goodbye to four of our crew members. Roly and Andreas will continue to cut seed wheat in Goodland with our farmer; while Callum and Adam will finish up what is left to cut in Kanarado. As you can see, we are spread a little thin with our 3 way split which rarely happens. What is funny is rain stopped all four of our machines for the night. You’d think with our the more we were split up, the better our odds of not getting rained out somewhere would have been!

If the rain quits and the sun shines, Callum and Adam will be able to quickly finish up what is left of our Kanarado job and join us in Genoa. Roly and Andreas have quite awhile to go before they reunite with us. We all have been missing them as they have been split from us since we got to Goodland.

The wheat is looking good in Genoa- what little we cut of it. Yield was ranging from 35 to 40 bu. / ac. while moisture was barely where it needed to be for the elevator’s requirement of 13.5%. We have yet to dump a load, so we have only just begun here in Limon……. We were only able to start cutting at suppertime and were rained out not even an hour later.

The only good thing about the rain clouds, which loomed above us the entire time we cut, was the nice background they provided. As you enter Colorado, the welcome sign says, “Welcome to colorful Colorado.” We’ve seen a lot of colors the Colorado sky offers already and look forward to hopefully cutting later today.  Check out photos of our first day in Colorado.

Rain on the horizon.
Rain on the horizon….. I doubt there will be a chance it will miss us….?

While we dont want rain the clouds sure make a neat background
We didn’t want to see rain clouds AGAIN, but they sure make a neat background!

Some of the trucks wait to be dumped on hopefully before it rains.
Some of our trucks wait to hopefully be dumped on before the rain drops fall.

The grain cart waits for someone needing to be dumped on
Johan waits for someone needing to get dumped.

Leon and Johan get lined up to dump on the go.
Leon gets lined up while Johan prepares to get ready to dump on the go.

Leon dumps on the go.
Leon dumps on the go while James heads towards them. Perfect for Johan who can get him as he heads back to the trucks.

The grain cart heads back to dump.
After dumping James, the grain cart heads back to dump on the trucks.

The combine is surrounded by what looks like will soon be rain.
It’s inevitable… Our combines are surrounded by what will soon be rain.

Managment makes sure everything is running smoothly in the field.
While I snap some photos, management makes sure everything is running smoothly.

Heading back from the field. Rained out again.
Rained out again…. thankfully just a sprinkle. Hopefully we’ll be in the field later today.

What I am digging today………… McCormick’s Recipe Inspirations.

McCormick Recipe Inspirations

While I have yet to try any but the Quesadilla Casserole, I think this is a great idea for stumped shoppers/ cooks. The spices are pre-measured and there is a recipe card you can tear off and save for next time you want to use the recipe. You can find these recipe inspirations in the spice aisle. A shopping list is on the back so you can buy what you need to make it right away.

McCormick Quesadilla Casserole Yum!
Tried it and everyone loved it! This recipe is a keeper.

Jada can be reached at jada@allaboadharvest.com. All Aboard 2011 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.


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