Jada: Making the move to Midland

Today, along with my parents Kaidence and I made the move to Midland, South Dakota. The “guys” and the equipment started moving after lunch the previous day. The trip took them two days since they can’t move wide load equipment in the dark. It is also a slow move because of the elevation, narrow winding roads, wide loads and high heat. They arrived in Midland at 2 p.m. We arrived in Midland just in time to get supper ready. Here are some photos of our move.
Going through the badlands

Going through the badlands.

A quick stop in Kadoka to see Shanee and Janelle Popwell

We took a quick break in Kadoka to fill gas and visit Janelle (not pictured) and Shanee Popwell of Popwell Harvesting.

A tight squeeze for harvesters.

Word travels fast as stories of harvesters having trouble getting over and under bridges in Southern South Dakota filtered throughout the harvest community today. As the guys were moving, they were stopped and waiting for a harvester who had to off-load his combine to make it under the pictured bridge. For us, it was a tight squeeze once we let the air out of 3 of 4 of our combine tires to get under this bridge. The Kittleson crew was just going under this bridge as I came upon it. It was a tight squeeze but with the help of a guy with a handheld radio, their first combine cleared the bridge. I wonder how the rest faired.

Kaidence finds another horse to ride

Whew! Finally here. She’ll sit awhile longer for this. . . . Kaidence finds another horse to ride in Midland. A group of trailriders are camped out in our campground.

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