Jada: Birthday Breakdowns

 Happy Birthday Moses! Today was Moses (Andreas) 22nd birthday. Along with his birthday came several breakdowns. In the early afternoon, Callum’s hydraulics on his unloading auger quit working. We had to take a quick parts run to John Deere in Phillip. It took about 20 minutes to fix his combine once we had the part.

Happy Birthday Andreas

Andreas holding his birthday cupcakes.

Andreas birthday cupcakes

Due to a haul to Pierre, Andreas only got half of his birthday cupcakes. The truckers had to head out before Andreas could come get his supper. The rest of the cupcakes spelled his name.

Unfortunately that wasn’t our only break down today. A couple hours later, Leon had to run to Onida for a bearing housing to fix the grain cart. A quick fix this was not. The grain cart still wasn’t fixed when we left the field today. Tomorrow we will have to unload the grain cart and take it in to get fixed.

James, Leon and Roly try to fix the grain cart.

James, Leon and Roly try to fix the grain cart but it is a lost cause.

I also got a flat tire on the way home. It seemed like all odds were stacked against us today. What seemed like an easy day to finish up in Midland was stonewalled by a series of breakdowns. Tomorrow they will easily be able to finish up what is left to cut here, then we will travel to Gettysburg to start harvesting winter wheat. Hopefully our day will be much better and we’ll be able to celebrate a belated “Happy” day for Moses.

My view from the combine.

A drivers view from the combine.


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