Jada: Another Birthday and a surprise visit

Yesterday we finished harvesting in Midland and headed towards Gettysburg. The entire trip my phone was ringing off the hook with questions of where we were from my nephews, Bryce and Brady. Or shall I say questions of where Kaidence was! I knew she should have her own phone! ; )

After hearing that her cousins Bryce and Brady were just “dying” to see her, we unhooked our camper in Gettysburg and took off towards Mobridge to surprise them. They thought we were coming today and we’re ecstatic to see us all a day early. It was so nice to see our family again. You don’t realize how much you miss them until you see them again.

Today, Kaidence and I took a break from harvest and had a fun river day with the cousins, my mom and sister. We hung out in Mobridge, SD by the river while the guys had a lot going on today. Two combines were in Gettysburg waiting to cut wheat. They were able to cut for 4 hours before getting rained out. The wheat was ranging from 70 to 80 bu/ ac. The other combines moved to Hoven, SD to start cutting and got rained out before they could start. Some of our guys were at our home base- Bowdle- trying to fix the grain cart and doing other projects on the farm. So once again we are all over the place.

The rain couldn’t have come on a better day because today is a special day….. Oak turned 21!!!!! Happy Birthday Oak! I had plans to cook a nice burger meal for Oak per his parents request but told him I will make him a belated birthday supper. At least he can enjoy his birthday dessert! I made him a cream puff as we already had birthday cupcakes once this week for Andreas’ birthday.  All the guys reunited in Gettysburg to have a birthday bash for both Oak and Andreas. Too bad I am not around for photos!

Here are some photos of my day in Mobridge.

Kaidence suprises cousins Bryce and Brady with a visit

Kaidence surprises cousins Bryce and Brady with a day early visit. This is when they first laid eyes on her.

Kaidence hugs Bryce hello

Kaidence hugs Bryce (BYCE) hello!

Kaidence tips Brady over with a huge hug

Kaidence tips Brady over with a huge eager hug.

Cool dudes and chick chilling by the river

Cool dudes and chick chilling by the river. Brady, Kaidence and Bryce.

Eating icecream on the beach. What little there is of it

Taking an icecream break.

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