Warmer temperatures speed up wheat development

As wheat harvest is in full swing in Colorado and Nebraska, warmer weather is speeding up wheat development in the northern wheat states. Listed below are the crop reports for the week ending June 25, according to the USDA. 

Colorado: Winter wheat in Colorado is now 97 percent ripe, up from 82 percent last week. Eighty percent of the wheat has been harvested, which is up from 53 percent last week.

Nebraska: Ninety-four percent of winter wheat in Nebraska has ripened. This is ahead of last year’s 92 percent but behind the average of 97 percent. Harvest is now 66 percent complete, which is behind last year’s rate of 75 percent and six days behind the average of 84 percent.

South Dakota: Even though crops in South Dakota have shown some stress due to the weather, crop progress has pushed along. Winter wheat is now 29 percent harvested which is considerably behind last year’s 57 percent.

Montana: Warmer weather has quickened the progress in wheat development. Some crops have been damaged due to high winds and hail over the last week. On hundred percent of winter wheat has now headed and seventy-three percent has turned in color.

 Wyoming: Crops are slowly catching up to normal schedules but are still lagging behind the five-year averages for this time. Winter wheat has 96 percent turned color, up from last week’s 89 percent. Twenty-seven percent of winter wheat has been harvested, up from one percent last week.

Wheat harvest in Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma is now complete.


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