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Jada: Here, there and everywhere!

For the past week, Hoffman Harvesting has been here, there, and everywhere. Working near home has both its perks and its quirks. It’s nice to be able to see family and friends; but no one seems to know if we are coming or going these days. The past week some of our guys have been working on the farm while others have either been cutting in Hoven, SD or Gettysburg, SD. Our crew has even been warned to keep an extra pair of clothes nearby because plans just tend to change when it comes to the harvesting profession.

Today, we all moved back to Gettysburg. However, we are still split up. Two of our combines are cutting in one field while the other two are cutting with our farmer’s combine. The wheat is looking good as it’s ranging from 30 to 60 bu/ac. but some farmers are disappointed. They thought the plentiful rains they received this spring and summer would bring amazingly high yields with them. What they have brought instead is disease. Scab can be found in a lot of the winter wheat being cut in the Gettysburg area. This hasn’t affected the protein which is unbelievably high at 14.5 to 16. Test weights are around 48 to the upper 50’s.

A trip to celebrate my birthday on the 29th in Mobridge and my nephew Bryce’s birthday on the 30th in Bowdle and Aberdeen proved that the spring wheat in the area is just not ready yet. The fall crops are looking good though as is the spring wheat.

Flood problems are still apparent. Part of Highway 12 east of Roscoe is closed due to flooding. More water is setting then is typically normal for the areas I traveled. Our trip from Midland to Gettysburg proved the same. In fact, several businesses are sandbagged and many houses are under water. Unfortunately, I was unable to snap photos as I was driving. I do however have photos of our day in Gettysburg. The clouds made the day all the more interesting. This is bittersweet because with pretty clouds come forecasts of rain. Will it rain tonight? Time will tell.

Moving to our next field.

Making the move to the next field.

We worked on getting organized in the new field.

The combines opened up the new field so the trucks could park. Now they dump on the graincart and start opening up a row.

Callum parks his empty truck and heads my way so we can go get the Ford

Callum parks his truck and then joins me to move the Ford to this field.

The combiners work together to keep the graincart from running too much.

The combiners work together to keep the graincart from having to run around the field.

Some interesting clouds hung above our field today.

Interesting clouds hung above our field today. Unfortunately that could mean rain.

Leon dumps on the go.

Leon dumps on Johan who mans the graincart.

Johan dumps leon on the go.

Another view of the two dumping on the go.

An airplane flys overhead

An airplane flys over James as he cuts past me.

What I am digging today….. This photo of James loading his combine to make the move from Midland to Gettysburg.

James loading his combine.

It is scary to watch from down below but it’s not that bad when you’re in the cab. We finished our run up in Midland with yield averaging in the 60’s.


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