All Aboard Harvest | Jada: Wrapping up winter wheat harvest in Gettysburg
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Jada: Wrapping up winter wheat harvest in Gettysburg

Today we wrapped up our winter wheat harvest in Gettysburg. We still have spring wheat to harvest but it isn’t ready yet. Tomorrow two combines will head to the McLaughlin area to cut some wheat while the other two will head home to try to cut some of our spring wheat that is located further west than our farm. It has the potential of being more ready than at home. Our spring wheat around our farm is just not ready yet.

Faulkton, Gettysburg, Hoven and Bowdle’s spring wheat harvest have the potential of being ready at the same time. It is looking that when go time comes around again, we will once again be here, there, and everyone. In the meantime, we will test the wheat out west and do some needed maintenance on our machinery. But you know, as I often say, plans change.

Finishing up a winter wheat field

Roly and Oak make one more pass to finish the field.

Roly and Oak make the last round in our last field of winter wheat to cut

Roly and Oak make the last round in their last field of winter wheat they helped our farmer cut.

Oak backs up to avoid hitting headers with Kevin on his last round

Oak backs up to avoid hitting headers with Kevin on their last round.

A picture of spring wheat by my farm in Bowdle.

Here is a picture of how the spring wheat looked near my home this past week. As you can see, it has a ways to go. The 90+ degree weather we have been receiving will help it ripen quickly. Farmers in the area are surprised at how quickly the wheat has turned.

  • Charles M. Gore
    Posted at 21:13h, 02 August

    All of the post this week are showing a gap from Winter Wheat and Spring Wheat. How late was most of the Spring Wheat planted?
    I had to go to Chicago land (Elmhurst) for a funeral Sat. July 30th. Missed my trip to Arkansas for my sisters 60th birthday party. The Corn and Soybeans along I-55 looked generally good but many places were showing the effects of the wet spring.

    RE: Your Windmill pictures a couple weeks back. Most of the Windmills in Northern IL were working Sat. afternoon when we came back. The energy is not exactly free but there is no fuel cost. The big cost is intest on the muti million cost of each unit. I think that they are a good investment for the country. There is a new plant in Jonesboro, AR that is building them to ship to TX and OK. This plant created serval good paying jobs in Northern Arkansas where they are badly need.The popular size is 2.5 mega watt ( 3051 HP ). IF this much HP is made by diesel units it would take over 300 gallons per hour. One of our great oil men wants to take the natural gas units off line generating electricity for the average of 8 hrs per day that the windmills work and use the natural gas to replace diesel units in over the road trucks. 10,000 windmills would replace 60,000 engines (more or less) in over the road trucks. This has a very high start up cost but could be done.I do not need to show charts and numbers like T. Bone Pickens.
    This is enough for this post.