Megan: Hemingford Harvest

Harvest at home continues to be busy as we have been working very long hours to knock out acre after acre of wheat. Much of the wheat is already cut out in the Hemingford area but a small amount still remains. It is certainly the tail end of harvest but we continue to push to get us caught up. For the time being all three of our combines are split up at the moment as we try to finish up all of our different jobs. It is stressful to have everyone scattered throughout the area but we hope to have two of the combines reunite today so we can get back on track.

James checking oil
James checks the oil in the tractor before we get started for the day.

Brandon in cab
Brandon shows off his combine “office” that he works in for over 12 hours on most days of harvest. It’s a good thing his sister helps to keep it clean for him!

Combining wheat
A view from the combine of irrigated wheat. This field yielded about 80 bushels per acre.

Hooking up header
Brandon gets ready to hook up his header from the trailer.

Dad unloads on the grain cart as a storm looms overhead.

Storm coming in
Brandon combines across the highway as we try to beat the rain.

Harvesting afar
Harvesting away contently in a field of dryland wheat.

Dark sky and wheat
The sky turned dark while we hustled to beat a storm that moved in late afternoon a few days ago.

A view from the tractor and grain cart after it started raining. The combines quickly unloaded on the grain cart since it can be tarped to keep the grain dry. We moved the grain cart to the edge of the field so we would not have to deal with mud in the morning.

Carl on truck
Uncle Carl looks in the grain trailer as the combines harvest away nearby.

TR 98 unloading
Mom unloads the TR98 on the graincart at dusk.

Combine at dusk
Harvesting with one of the CRs as the dust settles on the horizon.

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