Wheat harvest wrapping up in Colorado

The Colorado wheat harvest is wrapping up as Nebraska and South Dakota are in full swing. Below are the crop reports for the week ending July 31, according to the USDA.

Colorado: Winter wheat harvest is now 96 percent complete, up from 80 percent last week and in line with last year’s 96 percent.

Nebraska: Nebraska wheat harvest is 87 percent complete, up from 66 percent harvested last week. This is behind last year’s 93 percent and six days behind the average of 96 percent complete.

South Dakota: Winter wheat harvest is 72 percent complete, which is far behind last year’s 82 percent at this time. The crop is rated zero percent very poor, one percent poor, 27 percent fair, 58 percent good and 14 percent excellent.

Montana: Winter wheat harvest has barely started in Montana and is two percent complete. Only 89 percent of the crop has turned, which is behind last year’s rate of 93 percent. The crop is rated two percent very poor, seven percent poor, 20 percent fair, 55 percent good and 15 percent excellent.

Wyoming: The Wyoming winter wheat crop is 85 percent mature, up from 27 percent last week and slightly ahead of last year’s 81 percent.  At one percent complete last week, harvest is now 35 percent complete. This is far behind last year’s rate of 64 percent. The crop is rated zero percent very poor, zero percent poor, 22 percent fair, 77 percent good and one percent excellent.

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