Jada: Harveting continues in Gettysburg and Faulkton

Hoffman Harvesting continues to cut in both Gettysburg and Faulkton. Things are somewhat slow going as the wheat has been lodged from too much rain. The weather continues to look like rain showers are potentially imminent but rain doesn’t come. The only rain being forecasted is for Thursday. By then, we hope we will wrap up our spring wheat harvest in Faulkton and then rush to Roscoe to start working there. Here are some photos of our day.

Leon fixes a broken knife on our header.

Leon fixes a broken knife on his header. If you look closely you will see what it should look like (left) instead of the broken one beside it (right) which Leon took off of his header.

A daily duty. Johan and Oak wash windows.

A daily duty. Johan and Oak wash windows.

There is lodged or downed wheat that makes the harvesting process harder

You can see a lot of lodged (downed) wheat in South Dakota. It is the result of heavy rains and winds. The lodged wheat makes the harvesting process more challenging and slower going as it typically has green straw which is tough. This with the combination of unusually cold August evenings and lack of wind are making our work days shorter.

There are many pheasants and other birds around the field.

You can see a lot of birds especially pheasants in the Faulkton area.

Oak cuts towards me while the grain cart waits for a call of duty.

Oak cuts toward me while the grain cart awaits to be called to duty.

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