Emma: What is with the Animals?

This past week it seems that animals are everywhere. Let me tell you about George. About a month ago under the hood of one of our vehicles we found a kitten who was about to die of heat stroke. His little mouth was as far open as it could go and he was panting – hard. Mom, Joel and I took pity on this half-starved kitten and we took him in, and we named him George. The plan was to keep him until he was big enough to fend for himself, but we all now that didn’t happen. We’ve all become quite attached, and he’s here to stay. Jesse and Heidi (our dogs) didn’t know what to think of George at first, but now they are best buds.

George is now about five times bigger and running around the camper like he owns the place. He isn’t quite the half-starved little kitten we found by the hot engine that day. It looks like he swallowed a softball with kitty-bitty chicken legs. He doesn’t stop purring, and he knows he’s got it good right now.

My sister Liz from Oklahoma (little Elizabeth and Leslie’s mother), my sister Katie, and her family from Kansas, and my sister Marie, and her family from North Dakota all came and we had a family get together. It happened to be my mother’s birthday, so it was nice that everyone could make it.

While we were sitting at the tables after lunch I happened to notice a Monarch butterfly trying to dry his wings on a nearby tree. I called the kids over to look, and they were fascinated by him and his beauty.
(L to R, top) Me, Leslie, Alexander, Martha, Elizabeth, (bottom) Lauren, and Clara.

Thanks to my sister Katie for the gorgeous butterfly pictures.

Me holding the monarch.

Later that same day the kids came over screaming, “Emma, Emma, you have to come look.”  They had found a baby bird who was barely old enough to get around, sitting on a branch they were playing near. It was a little sparrow, but still cute. I had to chuckle when I saw the bird, but was mostly amused by the kids’ excitement. I told them they did a wonderful job coming to tell an adult what they had found, instead of toughing the bird – although they didn’t need to scream in terror. 🙂 I snapped a picture and they continued playing.

This little sparrow was probably about the size of those big puff marshmallows.

I have to laugh at the little things in life, and I appreciate being able to laugh at them. I think a lot of people don’t take the time anymore to see the humor in little things and go on with their grumpy little lives. God for sure has a sense of humor, and I’m grateful that I can catch a glimpse of it ever so often.

Be safe and God bless!

Emma can be reached at emma@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2011 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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