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Jada: Running in Roscoe

Hoffman Harvesting is still split up. The guys continue to cut in Gettysburg while the rest of the crew made the move to Roscoe and started cutting yesterday. As was promised to us, we received a rain shower last night. The rain didn’t come as a shock as we had to shut down our machines before the sun went down. The humidity was so high, it made the wheat too tough to cut. We are still hoping that things will dry up enough to cut in the late afternoon but will have to wait to see. The wheat we are cutting in Roscoe is lodged and yielding from 30 -45 bu/ ac. The protein is 16.

Here are some photos of our last day in Faulkton.

Leon continues to cut down an open row.

Leon continues to cut down an open row.

Oak and Leon pass each other.

Oak and Leon pass each other while cutting their rows.

A hard days work for Adam our trucker.

A hard days work for our trucker, Adam, whose feet are hanging out while he takes a quick snooze between loads.

Oak passes by.

Oak passes by while the large clouds continue to hang over our heads. Fortunately they didn’t bring rain with them. We were able to finish up and run over to Roscoe that evening. Our cutting commenced there the next day.

Jada can be reached at jada@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2011 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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