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Wheat harvest rapidly nearing completion

Wheat harvest in Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming is rapidly nearing completion as harvest in Montana has now passed the halfway mark. Below are the crop updates for selected states as provided by the USDA.

Colorado: Winter wheat harvest is now 99 percent complete, up from 98 percent last week. This is very close to the five-year average and last year’s rate of 100 percent at this time.

South Dakota: South Dakota winter wheat is nearing completion with 98 percent complete. This is ahead of the five-year average of 98 percent.

Wyoming: Winter wheat harvest is now 93 percent complete, up from 84 percent last week. This is ahead of last year’s rate of 85 percent and the five-year average of 91 percent.

Montana: Wheat harvest is in full swing as 62 percent of Montana’s winter wheat crop has been harvested. This is ahead of last year’s 34 percent but slightly behind the five-year average of 67 percent.

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