Jenna: Big Sky Country

Jordan, Mont. – It’s been a whirlwind of a week…for a couple of reasons.

Reason one: when I posted last Monday, Zeorian Harvesting had basically just finished the move from Limon, Colo., to Jordan, Mont., and started cutting. Since then, we’ve already finished in Jordan and moved to a job farther west, near Lewistown, Mont.

Years ago, Jordan was the biggest stop on our route. We used to cut in Jordan so long that when my older sister, Jamie, and I were in elementary school, we would start school there and transfer back to our school in Nebraska once finished. One year, we were there until October – I actually remember not only breaking out our winter coats but actually seeing snow flakes, too.

As the years have gone by, though, the number of acres to cut have dwindled. Many farmers have bought their own combines and the weather has also played a key role. This year, for example, too much moisture prevented spring wheat from being planted and hail also claimed a number of acres. It’s crazy to think that a stop that used to take months now only takes a few days.

Whirlwind week, reason two: in a matter of just a couple of days, myself, Jamie and Jamie’s husband, Curt, traveled almost 2,000 miles – to Jordan and back, that is. Because my younger sisters, Taylor and Callie, start school this week, the three of us went to Jordan to pick them up and bring them home.

We left home (near Omaha, Neb.) last Wednesday evening and arrived in Jordan on Thursday. We had hopes of catching harvest in action but missed it by about a day. So the family spent Friday and Saturday doing some things we don’t normally do – going to the county fair, driving to the lake and spending time with friends.

On Sunday, the “kids” left Jordan – and the parents. We made the 900-mile, 15-hour drive home (holy smokes, long day!), while Mom and Dad moved to the next stop near Lewistown. They’ll have to fend for themselves for the next couple of weeks, until it’s time to head home.

Here are a few photos from our trip and short stay in Jordan.

Jamie at Mt. Rushmore.
Our our way to Jordan, my sister Jamie (pictured above), her husband Curt, and I made a quick detour to see Mount Rushmore.

Storm cloud north of Broadus.
Jamie snapped this photo of a storm cloud as we neared the Montana border. Pretty intense, dudes.

Broadus, Mont.
Growing up, we stopped to take a photo in front of this sign in Broadus, Mont., every single summer. We couldn’t pass up the chance to keep the tradition alive.

Big Bird in Montana.
We barely missed harvest in Jordan – the combine was even still in the field.

Dad, Jamie and Curt.
Dad, Jamie and Curt talking harvest talk.

View from the butte.
We climbed to the top of a butte to get a better look around.

On the butte.

Montana sky.
Big Sky Country. Enough said.

Montana wheat.
A bit of Montana wheat.

Momma T doin' dishes.
Mom enjoys doing dishes when she’s not in the field. He he he.

Group at Garfield County Fair.
A bunch of cheeseballs enjoying the Garfield County Fair.

Garfield County Fair.
The “fair” is actually more of a 4-H show…no rides or games or anything fancy like that. 

Taylor, Jamie and Jenna.
But you can get snow cones at the fair! Oh boy, you betcha. And Taylor, Jamie and I sure did enjoy them.

Callie and Curt.
Callie and Curt, on our way to the lake.

Fort Peck Lake.
Hell Creek, which is part of Fort Peck Lake, is about 25 miles north of Jordan.

Rock throwing contest.
Curt, me and Callie just doing some stretches/warming up for our rock-throwing contest. 

The Z gang.
10-second-self-timer, yep.

Boot family.
A family portrait – in a sense.

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