Jada: South Dakota storms continue

Yesterday we were unable to show Matt what it’s like to live the life of a harvester because we received rain. Since it’s August and our days are limited to enjoy the river, Hoffman Harvesting ran over to Mobridge for a much needed lazy river day.

Dad and I snap a photo with Matt from Dupont before he leaves.

My dad, Perry, and I snap a quick photo with Matt before he departs for the airport.

It’s nice to have friends who have the same profession because they keep the same hours. Kraft Harvesting joined us in the festivities despite the weather being a little cold and windy. We didn’t let the weather keep us from enjoying the day. We jet skied, boated, swam, tanned on our little beach (yes, the river levels went down and there is finally one) and grilled out. The night ended with us sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows.

Hoffman Harvesting was able to cut today but soon storm clouds lurked above our field and once again we received rain and our day ended short. Things are starting to get ready in Regent, North Dakota so we are beginning to make plans to move part of our operation north. In the meantime, here are photos of us cutting before the storm hit. It is kind of a rush to have a lightning show and storm clouds ready to dump rain on you at any moment. It is a race with time to get as much cut before the rain renders your combine useless. The wheat we were cutting had a 16 protein and was yielding around 35 -40 bu./ac.

Roly zips through the field.

Roly zips through the field.

We've got our duck er combines in a row

We’ve got our ducks….er… combines in a row.

Rain is inevitable

Rain is inevitable. It looks like we’ll have a South Dakota storm again soon.

I got all four combines in view.

I’ve got all four of our combines in view.

Mom heads to dump on the bins.

Mom takes off towards the bins to dump.

All four in the field.

All four in the field.

As we reach the farm rainbows appear in the sky

As we reach the farm after getting rained out, rainbows appear in the sky.

What I am digging today. . . . As my dad would call it, taking the time for memories. When harvest begins at home it’s busy. Since we will be moving north soon, it won’t be much longer we can enjoy the things we love to do at home when the weather is warm. We took the time to do what my lil cowgirl, Kaidence, likes to do after the rain quit. She shares the love of riding horse with her beloved papa- Perry. Here are some photos of us riding Bud and Snowball.
Horsing around on the farm

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