All Aboard Harvest | Jada: Hoffman Harvesting moves to Regent
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Jada: Hoffman Harvesting moves to Regent

Part of our crew including me made the move to Regent, North Dakota to begin our harvest here. Unfortunately we received rain while on the road. A glimpse of the wheat from the road shows the wheat doesn’t look ready. Talk with other harvesters confirms that a lot of the wheat is not quite ready but some were in the fields prior to the rainfall cutting some fields that were ready early. However, a lot of the wheat is just turning.

Leon met with our farmer today to check things out and see if any of our fields look ready to test. In the meantime, the rest of the crew remains in Bowdle to finish up our wheat harvest there. Yesterday was the first time I have been able to take a video of loading. Usually we are loading at night or I am at the campground with Callum getting the campers loaded and ready to go. Check out these videos for some of the action that went on around our farm in Bowdle yesterday morning.

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  • Charles M. Gore
    Posted at 13:07h, 21 August

    Loading set to music, nice. Back on the road for a few weeks.
    When you did your deal on campers did any one send you pictures of a tandem truck mounted camper? The long frame trucks can have a 30 foot + or – box from the back of the cab to the end of the the storage compartment over the cab. Then on the back of the frame a hook for heavy trailers and a receiver hitch installed for lighter trailer, (with a ball or using a pin). This week going into the state office building at Collinsville, IL there was a camper set up as a mobile dental unit. This Camper had a drop down behind the frame. I did not see if it was for an enclosed stairway or for a holding tank, The truck was a single axle truck was a tag axle behind the drive axle. Not a bad setup to give a softer ride to delicate equipment.
    Take care