Megan: Harvest Flashback, 1997

Blast to the Past – Today’s Flashback: 1997 – Hamer, Idaho.

In 1997, Roland Harvesting teamed up with Barnes Harvesting to take on a large job near Hamer, Idaho to harvest 6,000 acres of irrigated wheat. Jeff and his brother, Greg, operate Barnes Harvesting and they reside in Hickman, California during the off season. Dad and Jeff both attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California from 1974 to 1978. They had many classes together at college and have remained friends and harvest associates since.

With Gleanors
1997: Roland Harvesting and Barnes Harvesting team up in irrigated wheat in Idaho.

All 5 together
Three of Jeff’s R62 Gleaners and Dad’s TR96 and TR98 harvest away in 1997.

Dad and Carl
Two member of Barnes Harvesting converse with Dad and Uncle Carl in the field.

Whole crew with Barnes
The crews of Barnes Harvesting and Roland Harvesting take a break for a quick photo taken by Mom. Left: Jeff Barnes, middle: Dad, middle right: Greg Barnes, front: James and Brandon.

I would also like to give a friendly “shout out” to Jackson, Jeff’s 13 year old son. Jackson has been a devout follower all summer and always keeps up on everyone’s harvest adventures. Maybe in a few years he will be a full-time crew member for Barnes Harvesting and perhaps even a future All Aboard Harvest Correspondent!

Dad and kids in river
We had to drive through this river to reach the field and our harvest camp. Dad and Uncle Carl would bathe in it every night and slept in tents nearby. In this photo Ashley, Dad, and I sit in the back of the pickup and watch the five combines harvest away. Mom and us kids took a trip to help out and visit them at the end of that summer. Mom and Dad stayed up there for about 4 weeks while us kids came back home to start school. We stayed with our grandparents and extended family until they got home to begin harvesting fall crops.

Truck driving through river
The semis had to drive through the river every time they hauled a truckload of wheat to the elevator.

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