Emma: Christoph’s Trimming and Montana Guests

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been teasing Christoph about his hair and that we should cut it.

We cut his hair, and we’re all very proud of him. Now he might be able to go into a western shop and get a pair of these “western shoes” he calls them. Perhaps back in Germany his family will be surprised when he heads back home next weekend.

Mom trimmed him up. I think he was just a little nervous. When she was done he took a look in the mirror and had a surprised look on his face – he said he liked it! Mom gives around 25 haircuts a year, and it was amazing how well it turned out (there’s a little sarcasm there), but I’m glad he liked it.

My grandparents Dick and Margaret Green came to visit us from Montana. They had about an 1,100 mile trip to southeast South Dakota and brought their RV to camp with us. I’m not sure how long they’ll be with us, but I’m really excited that it worked out for them to visit. I’m looking forward to making more great memories with them.


I always look forward to their visit, and I wouldn’t trade the laughing, talking and story telling for the world. I love to hear Grandma whistling while she washes dishes, and Grandpa speak passionately about the things he believes in. He was a part of the Montana legislature and it’s fun to hear him talk about standing up for what he believes in. Maybe you call these little quirks, but I have learned to appreciate them more now than ever. It’s likely a sign of growing up, or maybe because of Dad’s passing, but some things just matter more – and some things don’t matter at all.

I suppose if there is a blessing in disguise in Dad’s passing it’s learning to see the many blessings life has bestowed upon all of us. Dad may not be here, but I know he’s here laughing and telling his own stories right along with us. I love ya, Daddy.

Be safe and God bless.

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