Emma: Time’s Up

Our visitors, Grandpa and Grandma Green, left last week in their RV to head back to Montana. I’m so grateful they came to visit, and I miss them already. Christoph’s six week vacation is also coming to an end, and Thad will be heading back home, too.

Christoph will have to head back to school, but my guess is he’ll be back for another visit. Thad had to get back to his family, and farm in Nebraska. We enjoyed our time with both of them and have enjoyed them being a part of our crew. I’m glad they both had the opportunity to experience harvest. Both of them have been adopted into the Misener family, and now they’ll have to come back, soon.

Grandpa and Grandma Green
We liked having you around, Thad! Come back and visit! 🙂

In the days leading up to Christoph’s departure, he helped us out by building fence, putting up tin on the shed, and loading some bales into the barn. He loved the farm life, and I know he misses being here already.
Christoph unloading the hay rack onto the elevator.
Up it goes into the hay loft.
Andy then takes the bales and stacks them up.

Be safe and God bless.

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