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Emma: Last Move of the 2011 Season

The Misener Family is headed to Rock Rapids, Iowa. This will be our last move of the 2011 season. The crops are progressing quite nicely. They are turning from green to brown, and ready to harvest. This area had an early frost, and some crops weren’t ready for a cold snap. This may result in smaller soybeans that may be green, and wet. Let’s just hope this isn’t the case, and we have a fantastic fall like we did last year in the South Dakota/Iowa area.

As we wait on the fall crops to mature we’re working on a few odds and ends. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, Thad and Christoph are no longer here so it seems like an empty house with just Mom, Dan, Joel, and I to take care of business. My Aunt Sonja and cousin Lee will be helping us out off and on throughout the fall season. We don’t run as many combines during fall harvest as we do during wheat harvest. The farmer we’re cutting for has hired men of his own to help out with the trucking side of things. We’ll be running three of our combines through soybean harvest. We’ll then move to corn and run only two machines. Our trucks will be hot on the road trying to keep up with us. This means if you’re driving – watch out for truck traffic while harvest is still full throttle.

Since we’ve moved to Rock Rapids we miss the Price family (Dave, Julie and Andy). Our visit was enjoyable and we shared a lot of laughs with good friends. We have been in the Sioux Falls area for nearly a month now, so we’re ready to move on. It looks like soybean harvest is about a week away.

Until next time, Be safe and God bless!

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