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Emma: Soybeans and Corn Outlook

We’ve been staying right on our farmer’s place in Rock Rapids. It’s in the country and we’re parked right next to fields of corn and soybeans. These particular fields aren’t what we’ll be harvesting, but it will give you an idea how close harvest is getting.

It’s likely we’ll be done with our soybean harvest before we get to the corn. Dan thinks we should be able to harvest at least by the end of the week, but I think we’ll be testing as early as tomorrow. We are crossing out fingers and hope that we will be harvesting soon and that it will be just as good as last year. Let’s just hope the weather stays nice. Fall harvest will be complete before we know it.


There is quite a variation in this field of soybeans.


Toward the top of the stalk the beans are still soft, but are much more mature.


At the bottom they're green, and very moist.


The stalks are still quite green.


The stalks are turning, but still mostly green.


Corn harvest looks to be good this year!


The corn is starting to dent.

Be safe out there on the roads during the upcoming fall harvest. A few farmers are already on the move. Keep your eyes peeled!

Be safe and God bless.

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