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Emma: End of the 2011 Season

Seven months ago my family and I left Elk City, Okla. to start our 2011 harvest season. It seems as if we should still be prepping for the long trip north, but instead I find myself trying to summarize the 2011 harvest and it is more difficult than I expected. I could say it was the best year ever, or that it was the worst – but I won’t say either.

This year was, shall I say, interesting. It was stuck in the middle.

This year has been especially difficult because it was the first year without Dad. As most of you know he passed away last December, and if that wasn’t hard enough – the crop in the southern states was very poor due to the drought. As we progressed north it started to look up, but flooding in the northern states prevented us from our typical wheat harvest stops. However, the fall harvest went well considering it wasn’t the best crop they have had in the area.

The ending of a harvest season is bittersweet. We will celebrate the holidays, but this isn’t going to be our down time because this time of year is a very busy part of our business as we inspect combines, make repairs and restore antique tractors. Sometimes I almost wish we harvested year round, but toward the end I am wishing to be back home in Elk City.

I am looking forward to the next year’s harvest and praying that it will produce a fantastic harvest that is both safe for harvesters and farmers. Thank you All Aboard Wheat Harvest and those of you who follow our journey. I absolutely love hearing your stories and comments – it’s what I’ll miss most this winter!

I wish you all a holy and blessed Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.
Be safe and God bless.

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