Jada: Mommy, are we in Texas!? 40 years of Hoffman Harvest History

This year marks a special year for Hoffman Harvesting. It’s our 40th Anniversary! So we are celebrating this year with pride.


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By now, you would think we would be done having surprises in our profession and know what to expect; however, we were proved wrong once again. This year came earlier than we ever remember. I kind of feel like we dropped everything and left May 5- but that isn’t entirely true. Last year, I will confess that was the case for me. I came home to a debacle. So I made sure that I started getting ready earlier this year. The proof is in how much is packed in my camper. The more time you have- the more you pile in it!

Getting ready to leave for Texas.

Getting ready to leave for Texas.

The scare amount of snow we received this winter also helped us be more organized. In reality though, we are never really “prepared” until we get the nod that we are “leaving tomorrow.” That is when rush hour starts on our farm. It only happens once a year and it’s something I don’t miss from living in the city. Ours however is a different kind of rush hour. It lasts more than a couple of hours- more like days- and we run around like whirlwinds finishing last minute projects and getting everything ready to be driven out of the yard first thing.

Montana poses by a truck from our state in Clinton OK

Montana poses by a truck from our state in Clinton OK- it really is a small world!

While I have several jobs I need to do in preparation for harvest, the most fun was getting Kaidence’s room ready. I made her help carry her toys and pack them away. Some things on her list that didn’t make it were: her friend Cade from daycare, Bud my dad’s horse and every immediate family member we have. I told her they just wouldn’t fit and to my delight she seemed to absorb this news quite easily. The excitement of seeing the Campbell’s helped further curb her disappointment from not getting to take “everything” she wanted to bring with.

Malibu and Kaidence hang out while I fill my pickup

Malibu and Kaidence hang out while I fill my pickup

I did try to explain that we were leaving for Texas and wouldn’t be back for awhile. Though, the concept of leaving home never struck her until we actually left home. Then as we were driving she asked, “Mommy, can I please take my dolly Holly with?” I answered, “Sure.” The conversation proceeded to go on the next couple days about all her beloved items as we traveled to Kiowa, Kan., to pick up our combines and continued on to Texas. Even after telling her that our house was traveling behind her and everything she packed was coming with, it just didn’t quite make sense until we got here.

Bux enjoys our first evening in Olney

Bux enjoys our first evening in Olney

Her clean organized playroom/ bedroom combination didn’t stay that way for more than an hour we were here . . . . And that is when I could tell the adventure has just begun! While the drive here is never fun. We are always excited to be here. Now all we have to do is make more harvest history. Join us as we embark on our 40th year anniversary wheat harvest- We’re making memories!

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