Jada: Bad luck in the Lone Star State

Hoffman Harvesting is excited to announce that we are finally running again. Last night was just a bit over the limit for moisture and we had to hold out until today to cut. Things ran pretty normal until this evening when disaster struck.

Rocky mans the bins for us

Rocky works for the Campbells and helps man the bins for us.

As Jonny was dumping on the go, we heard him on the radio quickly telling Oak to get the grain cart away from under his auger. Thankfully he was quick to react or we would have had more trouble than a flat front tire on the combine. He had run over a gauge wheel from the air seeder. It must have hit the right spot because the tire was flat before any of us was able to drive over to inspect the damage.

Two combines cutting in Olney TX

A view of what the wheat looks like west of Olney, Tex. Yields are ranging from 30 to 40 bu./ acre.

Not ten minutes later Callum was broke down too. Thankfully his was just a fan belt- quick fix. Tomorrow morning will be spent trying to hoist the combine with the flat tire up to see if the tire is repairable or if we’ll have to buy a new one. As you can see by the size, it’s not a cheap tire to replace. It is also not an easy tire to find. We are hoping on a repair; but, as fast as the tire went flat, who knows what the case will be. For now we’ll just be happy that  the flat happened towards the end of the day and didn’t get us too behind schedule.

Front tire flat

Oak, Jonny, Mike and Leon inspect the damage; A front view of the combine with the flat; Leon tries to figure out how we are going to jack the combine up; Another view of the flat- the ladder is resting on the ground; We off-load wheat from the hopper onto a truck to relieve it of some pressure to make it easier to hoist the combine up.

What I am digging today! GUS.
A visit from Gus the new Campbell cattle dog

We received a visit from Kelly with Gus in tow. He is the Campbell’s new dog who is intended to eventually be a cattle dog. For now, he’s a cute and cuddly puppy. I think Kaidence and I were more excited to see him. Our tiny watch dog was on guard!

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