Jada: Olney Field Photos

The Hoffman Harvesting crew continues to harvest in Olney, TX. The wheat is looking pretty good and is averaging from 30 to 40 bu. / acre.  The farmers are happy with the yields and also content with the weather forecasts which show no rain in our near future. Here are some photos of us in action in the field.

Leon and Montana head down the treeline

Leon and Montana cut down the tree line to further open up the field to make it easier to use our GPS. The benefits to using GPS in our combine is that we are more productive because the entire header is always full and being completely utilized. Instead of going around the field, we cut up and down the field when using this option.

Oak and Theo just get done dumping Callum and Dave

Oak and Theo just get done dumping Callum and Dave on the go. If you notice by these pictures, everyone has a rider. That is because our new guys are getting trained to properly operate our machinery by returning crew members.

A back end view

Getting chaffed once again. As you can see by the odd looking extensions, we now have the electric ones which are new to the S-series combines. Anyone who has ever used the manual fold down extensions knows how nice this new option is. Now you can stay in your seat, and with the push of a button, control your grain tank covers.

Kaidence and Holly enjoy the wheat

Kaidence and her dolly Holly pose by the wheat. I think she thinks this is the custom harvester’s version of flowers! : )

Theo waits for the field to get more open

Upon arriving to our new field, a combine opens up the field so Theo is able to get our truck off the road and parked. We park at an angle towards the fence so when loaded, we have a straight shot out of the field. It helps prevent us from getting stuck in fields that are soft or sandy as our loaded trucks are very heavy.

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