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Steph: And the journey begins

Stephanie Osowski is the newest correspondent for All Aboard Wheat Harvest. We will be following Osowski Ag Service from North Dakota to Oklahoma, and back.

Well, so far so good. Day one of traveling has been successfully completed. Our friends back home can’t believe we are leaving for wheat harvest when our wheat back in good ol’ Grafton, ND is literally an inch out of the ground. We’ve been taking the same roads to our first destination for so many years, an atlas is obsolete. We’ve got the route down. An example to prove this would be today when Dad announces we will be stopping at the next town, we all object because we know which gas stations along the way have good snacks, and this is NOT one of them.

We made it to southern SD today, shooting for the Mason-Dixon line tomorrow!
Here we go
Equipment all ready for take-off
The crew
Three generations of custom harvesters. Left to right: my brother Brandon, Grandpa Hiladore, Grandpa Bob, and my Dad (another Bob)
Britton, SD
In case you forget where you are.

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