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Emma: Workin’ On the Big Green Beasts

Harvest hasn’t quite started for the Misener Family, so we’re keeping busy with things around the shop. Some of the things we’re doing is inspecting our combines, tightening chains and belts, doing some preventative maintenance by changing bearings that are nearly worn out, and cleaning cabs. Some might find this a little tedious, but this is the kind of work that keeps us running in the fields when harvest is in full bloom. No breakdowns in the fields means more wheat we can cut in a shorter amount of time. Not only do we appreciate this, but our customers appreciate it even more. It’s nice to know your whole livelihood is gathered up and no longer sitting in the vulnerable field. I’d like to welcome Vincent and August to the Misener crew! Last Sunday they came down from Kansas to help us out this summer. Vincent is a returning crew member and very much apart of the family, and we’re really excited to have him back again. August on the other hand is a rookie. Vincent actually told him how fun, exciting, and rewarding harvest can be and apparently he was intrigued enough to become part of the family. We’re looking forward to getting to know him a bit better throughout the summer, and welcome him to a life of chaos.

Vincent's Back!
Vincent smoothing out the feeder house with the grinder.

New Guy August
New guy August attempting to grease for the first time.

Dan at home fixing combines
Dan getting the combine ready for summer harvest.

We’ve already put them both to work fixing the big, green beasts. Thankfully the weather has been fairly mild making working outside a bit easier. Although the temperatures are wonderful and cooler than normal this week, the humidity is not common in this part of the country. We’re used to very dry and hot summers in western Oklahoma with very little, if any, humidity. These 60 to 70 percent humidity days are unusual.

Until it’s time to start our harvest, we’ll be hanging around the shop continuing our preventative maintenance, waiting for that sweet rush we feel when we get behind the big, green wheel!

Be safe and God bless!

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Emma Misener can be reached at emma@allaboardharvest.com

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