Emma: Wrapping Up and Headed South

We’re wrapping up the combine inspections, checking those last few chains and belts, and greasing all the mandatory zerks. Aside from working on our own combines, we’re repairing a few machines for neighbors.

Typically, by the time we are done with all our harvest prep we are itching to get to the field. This year we’re still more than ready, but in reality it’s only May 18. We should only be about half-way through our harvest preparations! I’m sure many harvesters and farmers have been feeling the same way about harvest. In my 24 years I have never seen wheat harvest start this early. But, when the wheat’s ready, it’s ready – and that means it’s time to get to the field.
Dan working in the shop
Dan fixing on a part from a 7720 John Deere combine that belongs to one of our customers.

Combines getting fixed at our shop
Going through the last inspections before headed south to the first fields.

A little Horny Toad!
You can see these little guys all around in Oklahoma! They’re called Horny Toads.

Today we’re headed south with three machines, a tractor and grain cart, and two semis. We are hoping by the time we get to the first field it will be dry enough to combine. Every morning there has been a heavy dew, so that too will have to dry off before we crank the combines up.

Hopefully next time I post, we’ll be running in the fields with a smile on our face, dust in the air, and full of hope for a bumper crop!

Be safe and God bless!

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