Jada: Texas Tailgate Times

When you are a farmer or a harvester, you learn to make the best of all times. The tailgate is often headquarter for fun times. Here we enjoy meals and conversation. Plus, it serves as  mobile seating. Whoever, invented the tailgate didn’t know how important this real estate is to the Ag Industry! Yesterday Hoffman Harvesting made the move from Olney, Tex to Kiowa, Kan. It is always sad to leave a stop but exciting to be at the next.

Oak and Kaidence chatting. Tailgating times can be fun

Kaidence tells Oak a very important story before he heads to take a truck to the elevator.

Mike and Ryan Campbell watch their crop being harvested

Mike and Ryan chat and enjoy the view of their crop being harvested.

Kelly and Kaidence hanging out on the tailgate

Kelly and Kaidence hang out on the tailgate.

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