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Steph: Back in the swing of things

Seeing as the last couple days were filled with lots of “pickup farming”, we couldn’t be happier to be back harvesting today. We got going around 4 p.m. this afternoon and went strong till well past midnight thanks to our trusty elevator in Lone Wolf, Okla. The moisture averaged 13 percent with a fluctuating test weight around 60 pounds.

It’s almost a chain reaction when one field gets going, the domino effect occurs and soon enough each field along that mile road has combines rolling in them as well. Also, as you will see in the photos below, we made a new furry friend!
SO-Hobart, Okla
Going at it again, finally!

SO-Hobart, Okla
Our new puppy friend!

SO-Hobart, Okla
In between loads we got a few wrestling matches in.

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