Steph: Gust or bust

Wind, wind, and more wind! We love it when we need it to dry out our wheat but after it has done its job, it can surely let up. The song “Another One Bites The Dust” should never be taken as literally as it has been today. It was a terrible day for a field fire which, for an unfortunate farmer south of Hobart, Okla., was exactly what happened. The fire spread a mile and half north of where it started and threatened a house and barn but was extinguished before it could do any damage.

The wheat still has amazing yields around 60 bushel per acre so when the elevator suffered some technical difficulties this afternoon, our combines had a short wait before we could continue. Good thing it only lasted an hour. I may have to take part of the blame for that though because I was saying yesterday how trusty our elevator is. Jinxing things yet again. You think a girl would learn…

SO-Hobart, Okla
Oh just playing in the mud

SO-Hobart, Okla
New Holland leading a John Deere. No surprise there… ha ha! The John Deere belongs to our farmer who is lending us a hand in this beautiful wheat.

SO-Hobart, Okla
Can’t beat a sunset in a wheat field.

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