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Jada: A new neighborhood

When you have been in the harvesting business for several years, some places become home. Kiowa, Kan. is one of those places for us. Our campground felt like home too. Unfortunately, we don’t own the place where we park and have to share it with other campers. Workers in other industries such as oil and wind have caused several campgrounds to be abnormally full without any vacancies. Due to this issue, we are unable to park in our normal spot at Kiowa. Having parked there for several years, I find myself taking the wrong route home. For instance, the other day, Kaidence and I went to the grocery store and I drove back to our old campground. I have to continue telling myself where to go or I’ll end up at the “wrong” place.

Our new stomping grounds aren’t so bad. The neighbors are nice and don’t make too much noise. Kaidence and Malibu are especially enjoying them because they happen to be 4-H goats. We are also closer to main street. Being a harvester, you learn to acclimate easy because things are always changing. If I have some water pressure and good electricity, I can make anywhere home as long as my home on wheels is with me. You get spoiled getting to travel with your camper. To me, it’s essential for harvest. When it rains and we leave for a couple days, it is hard for me not to want to hook up the camper and take it with. You should see how much I pack! ; )

Getting to know our new neighbors in our Kiowa campground

Malibu gets acquainted with our new neighbors.

Hattie and Montana eat supper on the tailgate

Hattie Spicer joins us in the field and a tailgate dinner with us.

Kaidence has fun in her new pool at our campground which is new to us this year

A new pool for a new campground. No if ands or bulls about it, no one has drank out of it yet- nor will they. The high winds we have been experiencing took it and the pool never showed up on our citywide search!

Montana and Bux get ready for trucking

Montana and Bux get ready to truck for the day. 

A view of the action in our field

Jonny cuts my way while Oak works on loading trucks.

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