Steph: No rain on our parade

It has officially been a week since we arrived in good ol’ Hobart, Okla. Today was another one of those days where you wonder where it went. It was steady going but we did have some obstacle-like fields to deal with that included numerous terraces, washouts, and standing water in the corners. Every combine operators dream! Yeah, not so much. I also came to the conclusion that wiggling and maneuvering a 35 foot header through teeny tiny cattle fences should be an Olympic sport. It takes some serious skill and creativity to get in and out without smacking your header into a fence post. Osowski Ag would have taken the gold today seeing as we accomplished the feat without breaking a sweat.

For awhile it looked like we would be calling it on account of rain but our determination must have scared the clouds away because it missed us by literally a half mile. We could smell the rain but never got a drop. We need to get to our next stop in northern Okla. so I’m sure glad Mother Nature was on our side tonight.

SO-Hobart, Okla.

Our truckers look on as their trucks fill up. From left to right, Joker and Dad.


SO-Hobart, Okla.

Baby screens in the combine. Genius.

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