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Jada: Harvesting High

Hoffman Harvesting continues to harvest in the Kiowa, Kan area. The past couple of days our machines have been humming along without any problems. The wheat we have cut to the West had an average of 40 bu. /ac. Pretty good for up to half of the farmer’s crop receiving hail. Test weights ranged from 60- 61. We just moved to the North and have been cutting wheat yielding in the 60’s with a test weight at 64. We don’t remember cutting wheat with this high of a test weight. It’s a beautiful crop. The weather has been windy (25-35 mph) and hot with  temperatures in the mid- to high- 90’s. That paired with the high humidity has made for miserably hot days, but great harvest weather.

Harvesting wheat in Kiowa Kan

Strong winds make the dust loom in the air as we cut.

James working hard in his combine

A close-up of James working in his mobile office.

A truck arrives from the elevator as Callum cuts a strip left from cutting terraces open

Callum cuts away as a truck arrives from the elevator.

Callum cuts by with an oil pump in the background

It isn’t uncommon to see oil pumps in the field in this country.

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  • sharon and harry drake
    Posted at 07:05h, 27 May

    Hi, cool morning on Sunday am. Yesterday there was a lot of cutting and some hay baling. We live between winfield and arkansas city, east of you. Wheat is so good. have not talked to anyone,but I bet they have good results. I loved this time of year when at home .
    Stay safe. Don’t know how you have time to do all you do. Really enjoy following all you folks that write. sharon