Jada: Another field bites the dust

And another one bites the dust…. a wheat field that is. And dusty it has been! The wind has been blowing like crazy making the weather wonderful for harvesting wheat. Our truckers have been hauling to and from the Sharon, Kan. elevator what seems non-stop. The blue trucks have been busy because the crop is yielding well- averaging at 65 bu./ ac. If the weather allows us to continue with this harvest groove we’ll be wrapping up our Kiowa, Kan. harvest soon. For now, we are moving a machine and a truck up to Pratt, Kan. as the wheat is ready there. Callum and Bux will take care of commencing our harvest in Pratt.

Making the move to another field JB

Making the move to another field.

An a another field bites the dust thanks to Callums help

Another field bites the dust thanks to Callum’s help.

Theo arrives to our field from the elevator

Theo arrives back from the elevator.

A wonderful wheat harvest in Kiowa

The wheat that didn’t receive hail is yielding well in the Kiowa, Kan. area.

A view of our field from the county road to Sharon

A view of our machines in action from the Sharon County Road.

Bux and Jonny wait for their trucks to get full

Bux and Jonny get a little break from all the bustle.

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